Saturday, 26 July 2014

[DOWNLOAD] 1995 Porsche 911 GT2 (993) V1.0

DFF: 7.1 MB
TXD: 8.2 MB 
Replaces: 'Comet' (or any other 2 door cars)
* Model author: Turn 10 Studio (Forza Motorsport 4);
* Interior author: Turn 10 Studio (Forza Motorsport 4);
* Textures author: Turn 10 Studio (Forza Motorsport 4);
* Model Ripped by: Tado-Hamann;

Model Features:
- High Quality Model;
- High Quality Interior;
- High Quality Textures;
- High Quality Engine Texture;
- Quality specular and chrome settings;
- 2 High Quality Plates supported: [EU, SA];
- Realistic Flat (Underbody) Shadow;

- Custom collision;
- Working brake Calipers;
- Empty parts mashed up and texturized with Zmodeler;
- Perfectly adapted to ENB series and without them;
- Slight reflection without ENB series;
- 3D undercarriage;
- Perfect Player Position;
- Realistic Settings;
- No damage [More pleasant for Low-end PC]
- Adapted to Imvehft 2.0.2 [Working indicators, rev lights etc ..];
- Adapted to Active Dash Panel 3.2.1 [working Steering, Wipers, Speedo];
Known bugs:
- No damages and Chassis_vol [will be added later];
- Slightly big DFF size (may be unpleasant for Low-end PC);

Feel free to edit, upload it to other site,
just remember to give credit :)
* Detailed credits are included in READ ME file!
* If there are any bugs, report through my email or comment!

Enjoy :)



  1. Here is the post on GTABBS:

    Another question, so u would like to delegate me for posting all of your further mods on GTABBS, right? I just want to confirm about this, and do not need to ask you every single time.

    1. If it is possible :)

      If you can do that job for me .. it would be fantastic!
      But please don't feel over responsible .. no pressure! take it easy :)

      Thanks in advance my friend! XD

    2. No pressure for it, don't worry, just wanna confirm about it. You are so welcome!

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  3. FF Ultimate, could you make the new jaguar f-type? no person has ever made it so far. if you're interested please reply if not just ignore. thanks :D

    1. I really like that car as well .. so i tried to convert it to SA but all the models currently available have some problems (not importing in ZM or Low quality ..), so as soon as i get a nice model of F-type, i will defs convert it!

    2. how about this on

  4. nice car.

    when do you upload the M4.I am waiting for it

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